Have a Nic(h)e Day!

Photo by Breakingpic on Pexels.com AKA "To Niche or Not to Niche Your New Blog" Right after I started this blog I agonized over this exact topic for what was probably two weeks, but felt like forever. During that rumination time did I post anything? Nope. Was that even remotely productive? Again, nope. So why… Continue reading Have a Nic(h)e Day!

Help A Noob Blog Survey?

I've always wanted to see how surveys work behind the scenes (Stats/Info/Insights! Feedback, etc.), so for fun I took a break from all the "get PAID to take surveys!" emails/texts/whatever I seem to have opened the Pandora's Box on (ugh), and made my own. Nobody gets paid for this one but I guarantee you'll qualify,… Continue reading Help A Noob Blog Survey?

When More Makes You Less Because Less is More

I learned a valuable lesson today... well, perhaps more a reminder of something we all know but tend to forget in this age of information overload where everything is MORE MORE MORE, gotta have it, gotta catch em' all, gimme gimme gimme! When it comes to resumes, even when you have a LOT of experience… Continue reading When More Makes You Less Because Less is More